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When you deal with hundreds of thousands of dollars and the lives or livelihoods of real people, the law tends to get a bit tricky. That’s exactly what you face when you deal with real estate.

There is a lot of misinformation and hype out there that ignores the cold facts and legality, but this is one of those fields you don’t want to go into blindly.

What goes on behind-the-scenes is usually a lot different than what people expect, so we’ve decided to shed some light on the inner workings of real estate law through a series of online courses. We’re talking the core of real estate investing and the intimidating, but important, art of negotiation.

Real Estate Law From A Real Estate Lawyer

These are the down and dirty tenants of real estate. It’s not as simple as buying low and selling high. These are the actionable, legal strategies that make things happen.

I’m talking about investing in real estate in order to build wealth. Wealth that can be flipped to pursue even more lucrative properties.

The necessary details of loans and contracts. It’s not enough to have a vision and a property in mind, you’ve got to know how to communicate the details in established terms. You need to know how to deal with individuals, banks, and, yes, even lawyers!

Have you ever heard of strategic foreclosures? Sometimes it makes more sense to walk away, to ignore the sunk costs. It’s not enough to identify good investments, you need to know when to put down a bad one.

Just like the properties you’ll be looking at, you’ve got to have a solid foundation.

The Art Of Real Estate Negotiation

You’ve got everything set up. The best property, a logical price, and an interested buyer or seller, but it’s not that simple.

Negotiating is the way of the Real Estate world. Rarely will you walk in and sign on the dotted line with both parties happy right off the bat. There’s a tug-of-war that happens and the stronger you are, the better you’ll be.

Negotiation strategies are what they teach in law school and they can be applied to not only business, but the rest of your life as well. Think of all the instances where you have to work something out with another party to get what you want. That’s life!

Apply tactics to sway talks and learn how to defend against them when they’re coming from across the table.

Negotiation is power.

Your Growth Potential

Most successful people know that you never stop learning. Whether you’re fresh out of college or new to the scene, you need to stay up to date with modern strategies and continue your educational growth.

When the fast-moving fields of real estate and law collide, it’s even more important to be at the top of your game. There’s limitless potential on the line, time to stake your claim.

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